Help, I just turned on Global lighting in Cinema 4D R13 and when I render the scene it's black.

simple scene lit with global illumination cinema 4D version R13

Are you getting a blank black result when you render the scene in Cinema 4D R13 after you have turned on Global Illumination? Here's what you need to do...

It's simple, you need lights. But not normal lights. You need lights which use a global illumination solution.

Go to Create>Environment>Sky. This will create a sky light with a global illumination solution. Don't use the "sun light" under create>ights. That will light the scene but without global illumination.

Also, and possibly even better, try clicking Create>physical sky>physical sky      this is a nice globally illuminated sky light.

I'm still a bit of a noob with Cinema 4d R13 and found it hard to find the global illumination settings (they are under render>render settings>effect button but won't be available if you are using the broadcast or prime versions of cinema 4D, global illumination is only available with the studio version).

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