Saving as a PNG file with transparent background from out of Maxon Cinema 4D

Example of Cinema 4D rendering PNG saved with transparancy

Saving or exporting a PNG from out of Cinema 4D with a transparent background (Alpha channel) is easy, here's how...

1) Load you scene in Cinema 4D
2) Got to Render>Render settings. Click to activate the save option (top left)
3) Under the save section, choose the following setting to transparent PNG files:

File: (choose a name and location to save the file)
Format: PNG
Depth: (your choice, not 8 bit is the most common, only choose 16bit if you know you need it)
Name: Name0000.tif (actually it will be saved with the .PNG extension, the naming convention shown is just an example)
Image Color Profile: (your choice)
Aplha Channel: Ticked

Screenshot of Cinema 4D save as PNG with transparency (Alpha channel):

Render setting dialogue Cinema 4D save as PNG transparent with alpha channel

The rest of the options aren't that important for most people but what IS important is that just doing a quick render will not save it (when you press cmd+R/ctrl).

To make sure the file saves, you will need to click Render>Render to Picture Viewer.

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