Help! WHY can't I see global illumination in the render settings of Cinema 4D

Global Illumination Cinema 4D maxon.

Cinema 4D's global illumination option can be found in the render settings dialogue, but what if you need help finding it because it just isn't there? If you recently downloaded Cinema 4D but the global illumination option is absent, you are probably running the broadcast or prime version not the studio version. Here's how to fix that...

All you need to do to get the global illumination option is to upgrade you version of Cinema 4D. You probably downloaded Cinema 4D and didn't finish the install process to get the version you paid for. It's easy:

Go to:
help/personalize and paste in the serial which came with the software. Check back with where you download Cinema 4D and you'll probably find the serial which upgrades it to studio.

If you only bought either the broadcast or prime Cinema 4D version and now you want to use global illumination, head over to Maxom and purchase and upgrade.

After you have entered the serial and upgraded to Cinema 4D Studio, you will need to restart the program before the Global Illumination option will appear.

FYI: The Global Illumination option in Cinema 4D can be found under Render>Edit Render Settings. Click on Effects and you will be able to select the Global Illumination option.

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