How to get your coreldraw files into Illustrator.

Coreldraw file to Illustrator file


Here are some tips on how to get your coreldraw files into Illustrator:

Before I start let me say that I know your are probably looking for the simplest process possible, hoping to be able to just export files from Coreldraw and import them straight into Illustrator. This can be done, but, if at all possible I suggest you separate your raster images (photos, jpgs, bmp, tiff etc) from the vector image (objects, type, lines, curves etc) and bring them through separately. I will show you how to do this as it is the best way. If you must try, skip to step two and you can see if exporting them directly will work for you.

Step 1. Prepare the images:

Start by separating image files (photos, scans bmp's, jpgs' etc) from your art. It might be as easy as locating them on a disk and setting them a safe place ready to put into illustrator. If you don't already have the pics, you may prefer selecting them one by one and exporting them out of illustrator (make sure you tick "selected objects only" as you are exporting). Here are some recommendations for image export settings:
a) if the final image is to be designed for the web and assuming it is the right size (dimensions), export as RGB, 72dpi.
b) if it is an image that will be printed and assuming it is the right size (dimensions), export as CMYK, 360dpi (your printer may only use 300dpi, but if you are unsure, 360dpi is often used today).

Step 2. Export or Save, your choice:

There are three main ways to go from Coreldraw to Illustrator.
a) Save the file as Coreldraw 10. Coreldraw 10 files can be opened by Illustrator.
b) Export as an Illustrator .ai  . Coreldraw will allow you to export any file as and Illustrator file (.ai). Simply open the Coreldraw file, and choose file-export. Choose format Illustrator and match the closest number with your illustrator version (higher is better to preserve your image). You can now open the Illustrator file in Illustrator.
c) Another way is to save the page as PDF (file-save as PDF) from Coreldraw and the drag an drop the PDF onto Illustrator (or open it from Illustrators file menu).

Step 3: Place your photos back in.

If you didn't skip step 1 (above), and separated you photos first you would have probably had a better time exporting and importing in step 2 above. Once you've worked out which method for exporting from Coreldraw and Importing into Illustrator works best for you, go ahead and place you photos back in the file once you get it into illustrator.

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