5gb free cloud space/storage on your Mac (or PC)

skydrive client for mac free 5gb online cloud storage

Want 5gb free cloud space on your Mac? Believe it or not, your best friend is going to be Microsft. With Windows Live mesh, you can install a MAC client to access a SKY Drive (that's what they call it) on your MAC. All you need is a windows live login (like a hotmail account). Here's how to sync 5gb of cloud storage goodness on your MAC, this guide will work for PC too.

If your a MAC user you might view Microsoft as the enemy, but if you willing to put aside feelings of brand loyalty any look at it objectively, 5gb of free cloud storage you can share between devices (Mac or PC) is nothing to sneeze at. So here's how to get it.

  • Download and install "Windows Live Mesh" on your Mac (also works for a PC). Here's where to download windows live mesh for Mac or PC (note:you are going to need a windows live/hotmail accunt to use this)
  • Mac users can simply drag to program to the Applications folder and it's done. PC users not only have to run an Installer, but during installation, click on: "Choose the Programs you want to install", uncheck all boxes except "Windows Live Mesh" before clicking on "Install" button and waith for the installation to finish.
  • After installation, start the "Windows Live Mesh" application, then login using your windows live/hotmail account.
  • Once you have logged on the process is pretty self explainatory. There are task based instructions in the program to help you sync folders.
  • You can access your system from any internet connected device (like iPad or an iPhone) at  https://devices.live.com/, login using the same live/hotmail account. Once logged in follow the on-screen instructions (no I'm not being lazy, it's just that being an online cloud solution it will no doubt be reasonable regualrly changed and updated).

You can set up Multiple systems to be sync with your SKY Drive folders for easy access.

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