Where to get top quality royalty free public domain or creative commons images for blogs or startup websites.

Quality sunflower royalty free image

I know the story because I've been there. You want to build you online presence and make money online with a blog or website. In the beginning you have absolutely no money and stock photography sites, although very reasonably priced (read cheap), still cost more than you have. Here's some great advice for those in this situation.

I'll warn you too, if you don't  buy your photos or carefully find royalty free ones, you might get slapped with a payment demand from one of big stock photographic companies. Ghetty images is attempting to scare/sue the pants of anyone who uses their images illegally. Regardless of where you are in the world, you'll get a letter from Ghetty for sure if you don't have the rights to use their image. Ghetty Images, who own most of the big stock photo sites will threaten you if you use their image without paying for permission. So, don't kid your self that the internet is an ocean and that they will never find you, try these great royalty free image sites:

Tip: Hold CTRL and click and you can load each site into a new tab.

I will try to add others to this list of free royalty free stock photos as I find them, please make a comment if you know any others. Also consider that on the internet, quality is everything. People only add your sites to Social networking sites if you give them a benefit. Using an appropriate, high quality image is imperative. I personally look for the best photo regardless of whether its free or not and often buy the smallest res possible from a stock photography site because most of the advertised stock photography internet sites have great value images at web resolution. I pay less than $1 for my photos and use about 1 in 3 professional images. My rule is simply to find the best image possible.

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