How to extract embedded files from Adobe Illustrator to use in Photoshop.

adobe illustrator image to photoshop

Can't get an image out of illustrator and into photoshop, or simply need a better way than screen capture. Try simply copy and paste. For this and other methods of extracting an embedded images from illustrator, read on.

Before we start, here are some useful things to know:

Photoshop can open illustrator files, with a caveat: the process will change any vector shapes (shapes with points and lines/curves) into raster images (pixels) and the whole image will be less editable. Sometimes however it can be the best way to get an embedded image out of illustrator an into photoshop especially if you don't actually have illustrator, but have and illustrator file.

Here are some of the best ways to get an embedded image out of illustrator:

1) Copy and Paste (this is good for all application as well as photoshop, but can have mixed result, especially with coreldraw)

2) Go to File>Export. This way you can choose the filetype you want.

3) Go to File>Save for Web and Devices. This menu option allows you some freedom and help with choosing diferent formats and you can preview the result.

4) Go to File>Save as. Here you can save the file as a PDF. A pdf file can then be read into photoshop. Of course this will only work for th whol page and because photoshop can read illustrator files, it's not going to be much differen't than saving as illustrator and opening in photoshop, but it's always nice to have another option right?

5) Go to window>links. In the links panel click on the tiny down arrow under that windows close icon (the x). In this menu you can select "go to file" and if the image in not completely embedded you will find the actual file on the hard disk which was placed in illustrator. This has the advantage of being able to load the original and thus not losing quality.

Hope you got you image into Photoshop ok. You did, didn't you?

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