How to change the continue reading for yootheme templates on Joomla 1.6

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If you have a yoothem template for joomla 1.5 or 1.6 and you want to add your own custom message or change the default "continue reading" / "read more" link at the end of eact article intro. All you have to do is edit a text file, the only trickey thing is where to find it.

The text file you will be looking for is a .ini file which contains a few system-wide joomla text strings. It is located at:


Pleaae note. the part which say yoo_neo in the above location will reflect the yoothem template you are using.

You just need to edit that file and change any of the text elements to what you want to appear.

Using a differnet language? French, Spanish, Germen etc no problem, changing "leer más" (or whatever) is almost as easy.

1st create a folder in the "language" directory with the right international code. In this example I will call it "es-ES" for Spanish. If you don't know the international language code for the langguage on your site, try international language codes.

Then. copy the file: "GB.tpl_warp.ini" and renamed it with the same international code, eg: "es-ES.tpl_warp.ini"

Now edit this and put in the text you want to show up on your joomla/yootheme instead of "continue reading" or  "lies mich" (German) etc.

Did you find it ok?

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