How to re-order and delete PDF pages on a MAC

Apple Preview app icon can edit PDF files

Got Mac? The you will know that there are lots of advantages people just don't see when comparing mac vs pc. One such feature is the ability for Macs to open PDF files without having to install Adobe reader. But did you know that the Mac will do more with PDF's than simply open them. Actually there are a whole slew of things the preview app can do with pdf file but I'm going to concentrate two of the most usefull.

1) PDF page reordering. Simply drag a page as is appear in the right hand column to a new location whenever you feel like it. You can then just hit save and you PDF has been updated. Yes. it's that simple.

2) Deleting pages in a PDF file. In the right hand pane of you PDF file open in preview app, click on the page you want to delete and then click
command-delete. Congratulations that page has been deleted!

I find this really handy if I am exporting out of another program which doesn't alow me to easily omit a single page or to reorder them during export. Heck sometime you can delete pages or re-order them when exporting to pdf but you need to learn how every program goes about this. By know these two simple feature of the Apple Mac preview app, you only need to remember one way of doing it.

You can re-order PDF pages and delete them using preview on Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion version of OS X.

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