Flickering red dots and random red pixel on your screen/monitor and how to (hopefully) fix them

Red dots and screen problems

Are you getting red dots on your screen? They could be flickering red dots randomly appearing or whole screens worth of red pixels in some kind of random pattern. Here's how to troubleshoot this problem

Before we start. If you are looking for a solution to the problem of single black pixels in a particular place whenever there is a white or light background, these are dead pixels and there is probably not much you can do about them. If you have more than 4 or 5 and are under warranty, take it back. If not you'll probably have to live with them.

If you problem is red dots/pixels random,ordered or flickering, this could help:

Because the article can't possibly go into any more detail other than "red spots on screen/monitor" where going to have to be scientific about this and try to solve all red pixel problems regardless of cause. For this reason the first step will always be:

Locating the cause.

Start with the obvious first place to check, the monitor.
Make sure the power plugged in to you monitor is secure.
Make sure all the cables plugged in to the monitor are secure at both the monitor end and computer end.
If you problem isn't cable related (an 99% of red dot problems are, so don't just assume the cable are correctly plugged in, check them again and MAKE SURE) then you will have to check the monitor. There are two ways to do this.
Monitor Check 1:Find another monitor an plug it in. If the other one works correctly it means the old one is faulty. You will probably need to get a new one (cheaper than fixing them these days, make sure you recycle by dropping the old one to the nearest recoiling depot or city run dump), before you throw it out you can try the other monitor test which may also fix the red dots.
Monitor Check 2: Change the cable type if possible at the back of the monitor. Most new monitors come with VGA and DVI plugs (some also have HDMI). If you connect your monitor to the computer using one of the other inputs and it no longer exhibits red dots or flickering red pixels, problem solve. If the red dot problem persists it probably means you monitor is dead.

If it's not the monitor or monitor cables, it must be the graphics card. If you have the knowledge and a spare graphic card, just change it to test. If you have never changed a graphics card but have a "tower" style case, don't be afraid. It's as easy as opening the case and undoing a single screw to take out your graphics card. If you computer doesn't appear to have a graphics card when you open it, thats probably because the graphics processing is built into the main circuit boards (the mother board) of the computer. Putting in a graphics card in the socket will override the internal one an hopefully fix your red dots problem.

So what happened with your red dots? Did you fix them.

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