How to export and re-import your Virtuemart store

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If you have to transfer your Virtuemart store to another Joomla install or maybe move your whole Joomla site this might mean exporting Virtuemart. Here's how:

If for some reason you can just move it all together, here is how to move just the Virturemart store exporting and importing using PHPmyadmin:

Important. Don't install Virtuemart until told to do so, if you have already installed Virtuemart in your ne Joomla site, just uninstall it before starting the following exportation process.

Step (1) Start PHPmyadmin

Start by running PHPmyadmin. PHPmyadmin is an administrator control panel for MySQL databases and can normally be found in Cpanel (or the control panel of your web hosting account).

Step (2) Select Joomla database
Locate the database which corresponds with the Joomla site you want to export the Virtuemart information from.

Step (3) Choose the Virtuemart fields you wish to export
Once you have opened it you will see two sections (if that's what they are) shown at the top left of the phpMyAdmin window with pluses (+) next to them. Ignore the one called information_schema and click on the plus for the top one. A window will open up showing all available fields. Among these you will find ones which begin with "jos_vm_". These are the virtuemart field. You will want to select all of these to export your virtuemart to another Joomla site.

Step (4) Exporting virtuemart
Once you have select the Virtuemart files (beginning with "jos_vm_") click the word export in list at the top of the phpMyAdmin window. The default export options for phpMyAdmin are sql dump which is exactly what we want. Just click to box towards the bottom which say "Save as file" and then click "go". PhpMyAdmin will now export the Virtuemart data and you can choose where to save it to.

Step (5) importing the Virtuemart data into a Joomla Database
To import the Virtuemart data again just run phpMyAdmin and this time open the database for the joomla site you are exporting the virtuemart data to (you will be importing it into this database). Click in the same place as step (3). Click Import, then browse. Locate the Virtuemart data you have just exported, select it and click open. The virtuemart data will now import.

Step (6) moving Virtuemart product images and thumbnails.
Go to the Joomla site from which you are exporting Virtuemart and locate the folder: old-joomla-site/components/com_virtuemart/shop_image
Copying this folder ("shop_image") to the same place in the new Joomla site (ie into the com_virtuemart folder) will move all the photos and thumbnails associated with virtuemart to the new Joomla site. Note. because you havenĀ“t yet installed Virtuemart, you will need to create this folder.

Step (7) Reinstall Virtuemart
Reinstall Virtuemart through the Joomla administrator backend.

You should have successfully exported your whole Virtuemart Shop to the new site. Be warned, this will not have moved all the settings. You can move the Virtuemart settings as well but because some Virtuemart settings include paths which may now be different. I reccomend simply checking the Virtuemart store and Virtuemart Admin Configuration to update everything.

Although exporting the Virtuemart settings is <probably> just a matter of copying two folders and then manually editing Virtuemart php cofiguration files to change any paths, do so at you own risk. It's not needed and you can always just load up the two Joomla sites side by side, open Virtuemart and then manually copy all the settings.

I have not tested this, the Virtuemart folders are:
old-joomla-site/components/com_virtuemart and

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