How do you get the medical expert 2 tonic in fort frolic, Bioshock from Sander Cohen?


getting the medical expert tonic in Fort Frolic, Bioshock from Sander Cohen


There is only one thing you need to know to get the medical expert 2 tonic in Fort Frolic, Bioshock......

….don't kill Sander Cohen. Not only will Sander Cohen give you the  medical expert 2 tonic, but he will also open up other areas of the game for you.

If you have already killed Sander Cohen, you have no way of getting the medical expert 2 tonic. Load an earlier Bioshock save and try again (a recent auto save should do). This time don't kill Sander Cohen and you'll get your medical expert 2 (there's also a Electric Flesh Tonic up in the projector room of Fleet Hall which was previously unlocked).


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