Answers to the questions in your head.


Answers to the questions in your head.
Here is a collection of random but very interesting things which you probably always wanted to know the answer to but didn't know where to look (or just simply couldn't be bothered).

I have discovered/learnt or found these over time and continue to add them here.

The answers are given with a quick no nonsense explanation in layman's terms (with as little technical waffle as possible).


Question: Should I squeeze a plastic coke bottle to keep it fizzy or not?

Answer: No.

Why? Because the fizz is kept in the liquid when a pressure balance is achieved. This equilibrium gives the gas “no reason” to leave. Squezing the bottle would work if the bottle was strong enough to keep it's shape because having less air in the bottle would mean the pressure equilibrium is achieve sooner.

TIP: To keep a bottle fizzy, transfer the liquid to a bottle the right size to hold all the liquid without any air and cap it tightly shut.

Question: Is it better to use the air conditioning or wind the window down for fuel economy?

Answer: Winding the window down in most cases.

Why? Although winding the window down increase drag on the car, the air conditioner requires power which is converted from the running motor (this means the motor runs faster, using more fuel). So winding the window down is the best option in start stop city traffic.

Exceptions: If you are traveling on a motorway at a fast speed (something like 130kmph) than, three things will happen:

  1. The drag produced would be significantly higher than normal with the windows down.

  2. You will be able to travel at top gear which means better fuel efficiency than in a lower gear with the same (or higher) revolutions per minute (rev's).

  3. You will also get to you destination quicker than if you drove slower with the window down. In this case you might not notice as much of a difference to be worth the extra time spent ion the road.

TIP. Use the air conditioner only when the air temperature is hot enough that winding down the window provides very little benefit. This way you can have comfort and a reasonable fuel efficiency.

Question: is it more energy efficient to boil hot water from the tap?

Answer: Water of any specific quantity will always require exactly the same amount of heating (therefore energy) to heat. By using hot tap water, you have had to heat that somehow as well, so the question becomes, what is the more efficient way of heating the water, using your household hot water system, or your jug/stove etc.

Generally the best way is with an electric jug because the element is submerged and therefore not much energy is lost. However boiling water on a gas stove is also quite important.

Back to the answer for this question. Boil water from your cold tap using your preferred means. Don't use water heated with the hot water system.

Why? Hot water from the tap must also be heated, you waste water by running the tap until the hot water arrives and you also end up with unused heated water which stays in the pipes (between your heating system and the tap), this is energy wasted.

NOTE: If the tap is close to the water heating system, it might speed things up, but generally it's also no faster given the time you have to run the tap until the hot water comes out.

TIP: To boil water the most energy efficient way (and the fastest), measure the exact amount you need before you put it in the jug/pot.



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