How do I install CardDAV on a #Synology Diskstation?

 Connect to the CardDAV Server on your Synology Diskstation

Ok you got a Sinology Disktation and you know it can be used to sync contacts across multiple devices using a thing called CardDAV, but you can’t quite see where to set that up? Sounds like me, I could only find a wall of old information on the internet, none of it relevant to a Sinology disk station using  DSM 5.1. (DSM is the operating system of Sinology Disk stations - you find out which operating system your Sinology is using by logging in, clicking the control panel and then clicking the icon; “Info Center”).

I couldn’t find an easy explanation about CardDAV and how to set it up on my Mac, so I decided to find out and then write one (even if you don’t have a Mac the basic installation of CardDAV using your sinology interface will help windows users get started too).

via Andrew Brett


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